No employer likes to have confrontations with employees, especially over uncomfortable topics like drinking. However, no business can stand to have employees who abuse alcohol at the workplace, as it can impede good customer service, cause more work-related accidents, and generally raise a company's operating costs. If you suspect that you have an employee who has been drinking on the job, don't act until you know for sure.

Since there are many ways to partially mask intoxication, such as stimulants and breath mints, it can be hard to tell whether someone is actually drunk on the job. Using a breathalyzer is the surest way to see if someone has been drinking, and with this scientific evidence, you then have solid grounds on which to pursue disciplinary actions. Fortunately, breathalyzers have come down in price, and you can potentially save wasted money by having a breathalyzer on site.

If employees know that they can be tested with a breathalyzer, it can serve as a strong deterrent to keep them sober at work. Some businesses, such as cab companies, can require daily breathalyzer tests of all employees as a matter of routine. By keeping a clean accident record, you can benefit from lower insurance premiums and a better workplace atmosphere.

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