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Breathalyzer Test

There are many myths that surround alcohol and sobriety, despite the fact that they are no more than simple falsehoods. When you have been drinking, the only thing that gets you more sober is your liver processing the alcohol--which means that you need time to sober up. There are many factors that can give the appearance of sobriety, but it is important to know that these only mask the intoxication. Time is the only thing that makes you less drunk.

Many people falsely believe that cold showers or coffee can sober someone up quickly. While these tricks can make a drunk person appear and feel more alert, his or her judgment, reaction time, and motor skills all are just as impaired. Thinking someone is sober just because they can speak clearly and act attentive can be a big mistake.

The only sure way to tell whether someone is drunk or sober is by measuring his or her blood-alcohol content (BAC). This can be done with a breathalyzer--one breath, and the machine can give an exact reading of how impaired somebody is. Some people claim that mouthwash, onions, or other substances can fool a breathalyzer--but scientific studies have shown these stories to be patently false.

If you or your business ever need to be sure that someone is sober, don't let appearances fool you. A drunk person can mask the smell of alcohol on their breath or take stimulants to appear more sober, but they are still just as drunk and just as dangerous on the road. For an affordable and easy-to-read breathayzer to keep at your home or office, check us out here at AlcoTester.com, email info@alcotester.com or call 810-919-1994.