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Breathalyzers For Sale

In many states, devices known as Ignition Interlocks are being installed on the cars of people who have been convicted of driving while intoxicated. These breathalyzer devices attach to the ignition of a car and will only allow the car to start if the driver blows a BAC (blood alcohol content) under the legal limit. There are lawmakers who feel that this feature should be mandatory on all cars, but for the moment, they are mostly used as a punitive device.

With breathalyzer technology becoming so affordable and so compact, there's no reason not to have a breathalyzer. Even if it doesn't connect to the ignition of your car, knowing you're sober is a good way to ensure your safety--and that of your passengers. Avoiding DUIs, vehicle damage, and even death should be incentive enough not to drive drunk.

At AlcoTester.com, we provide top-quality breathalyzers for home and office use. These affordable devices are pocket-sized, easily read, and accurate. With one on hand, you will always be able to tell just how inebriated you are. You can use your breathalyzer to moderate your drinking over the course of the night so you'll be sober for the drive home--or just to double check when you get to the car.

The reasons to make sure you don't drive drunk are numerous and compelling--so make doubly sure you are driving safely. With affordable and accurate breathalyzer devices from AlcoTester.com, you can invest in the safety of yourself, your vehicle, and your loved ones. Email info@alcotester.com or call us at 810-919-1994 with any questions you may have.