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Please see our AlcoMate Premium Model AL-7000 which replaces this model and is much more accurate. 


The new 2010 AlcoMate Pro is by far the "BEST VALUE" for a breathalyzer in this price range! Compare other units with this type of quality and accuracy between $450.00 - $700.00, our price is $139.99.

This NEW 2010 model has a new special feature called BREATHCHECK ERROR technology. This feature is exclusive to the AlcoMate pro and is the latest in cutting edge technology for personal breathalyzers.



With BREATHCHECK ERROR technology you will never have to GUESS if enough air has been blown into the unit, the unit will warn you with an audible and digital warning.


Differences between the AlcoMate Pro and the Alcohawk ABI:

There are several differences between the AlcoMate Pro and the Alcohawk. The Pro has upgraded internal software that enables the unit to provide a 5.0 second blow time verses a 3.5 second blow time for the regular Alcohawk. This very important feature gives the AlcoMate Pro a level of Extreme accuracy that is DOT and NHTSA Approved and is also FDA Certified. The pro has BREATHCHECK ERROR technology where the Alcohawk does not.

Our AlcoMate Pro includes a Car Adapter, the regular Alcohawk does not!

 The AlcoMate Pro uses a highly sophisticated semiconductor sensor that has an accuracy rating of ±0.01%BAC @ 0.10% BAC.



AlcoMate Pro Features:

  • "Consumer Grade" Quality and Accuracy (calibration every 200 - 300 tests). All units are pre-calibrated for immediate use!
  • Extremely Accurate!!! - DOT and NHTSA Approved! FDA 510(K) certified!
  •  Audible alarm at BAC of 0.05
  • +/- 0.01% accuracy @ BAC of 0.10%
  • Free mouthpieces included
  • Includes FREE soft carrying case , wrist strap, instruction manual, 9V battery and a Car Adapter. At AlcoTester.com our AlcoMate Pro does include a Car Adapter!
  • The AlcoMate Pro is about the size of a cell phone, So it can fit right in your pocket!
  • One-year warranty through AlcoTester.com!


Stat Sheet:

Sensor  Highly selective semi-conductive oxide alcohol sensor

Consumer Grade - D.O.T and NHTSA Approved. The AlcoMate Pro is FDA 510(K) Certified!

Accuracy Accuracy = ±0.01% at 0.10% BAC
Range 0.00% to 0.40% BAC (5 times the limit of 0.08 BAC) not 0.04% BAC.
Blow time 5.0 seconds- D.O.T and NHTSA Approved.
Recovery Time 30 seconds
Display 3 digit LED display
Audible Function If you are out of legal limit range, alarm will sound and automatically beep.
Warm up time 20 seconds
Mouthpiece 2 Free mouthpieces included.
Size About the size of a cell phone.
Power Supply 9 volt Battery and Car Adapter included.
Weight 5 ounces or 200 grams
Battery life Over 300 tests
Warranty One year warranty through AlcoTester.com!






Availability: Discontinued


Do you want a more accurate Breathalyzer? Look at our AlcoMate Premium it is our best personal Breathalyzer under $200.