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NEW AlcoMate Revo- Model TS200 Fuel Cell- NO CALIBRATION!

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Product Description



Watch This Video To See The Advantage Of The AlcoMate TS200 Fuel-Cell Breathalyzer Patented Sensor Technology.

Introducing The New AlcoMate Revo TS200 The Worlds First And Only Police Grade Fuel Cell Breathalyzer That Never Needs A Calibration Service. Beware Of All Brands On The Market Including All Bactrack Models That Need A Calibration Service!




What Is PRISM Technology?



PRISM technology is an exclusively patented feature only available with AlcoMate breath alcohol testers (US Patent No. 7,841,224 B2, also worldwide).

Prism Advanced Fuel-Cell Sensor Technology That's In All Of Our Fuel-Cell Models. The Image Below Shows How The Fuel-Cell Sensor Works and Why It Is So Accurate, All Of Your Breath Is Pumped Into The Sensor!







This revolutionary product was never before thought possible in the breathalyzer industry that a user can replace a Police Grade Fuel Cell Sensor without calibration.

Finally it is possible and you can own it today, you can get up to 1,000 tests before you need to replace this Police Grade Fuel Cell PRISM Sensor yourself verses having to re-calibrate other brands every 100-200 tests and waiting 6-8 weeks for it to return.

The Fuel Cell Prism Sensor is exclusive to the AlcoMate Revo and is the latest in cutting edge technology for all breathalyzers on the market. BEWARE of all other brands that don't explain or expose the calibration process that is required of all breathalyzers on the market.

AlcoMate is the only exception, since we have the only Patented Breathalyzers on the market that have replaceable sensor modules And State-Of-The-Art Fuel-Cell Precision to offer the most reliable, easy to use, convenient and accurate police grade breathalyzer available on the market worldwide.

This is a game changer for the breathalyzer market, whether your a parent that wants the accuracy to test your kids with no false positives so you don't accuse them of drinking. Or you are Law Enforcement, Drug and Alcohol Clinics, Military, Business Owners or Schools that need the accuracy and ease of use with no downtime to test subjects or yourself the AlcoMate TS200 is the perfect breathalyzer for you.

Exclusive Features of the AlcoMate™ Revo TS200 Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

"Law Enforcement Grade " Extremely Accurate- NO calibration needed, all sensors are pre-calibrated for immediate use. Just replace the sensor every 1000 tests or up to 12 months. Includes A Sensor replacement indicator.
• PRISM Technology- You Can Change Sensor In Seconds just like changing a battery Verses Waiting Several Weeks For a Calibration Service
• Tested And Certified By DOT, CE, ROHS, ISO 9000, NHTSA, Also FDA 510(K) Certified And US COAST GUARD APPROVED For Maximum Accuracy
• Large 4 Digit Backlit LCD Display Verses 3 Digit, This allows the unit to pick up trace amounts of alcohol as low as 0.001% BAC
• Easy One Button Operation- Ready In Seconds. Self- Diagnostic System, Flow-Meter Sensor
• Internal Automatic Breath Pump- BREATHCHECK ERROR Technology- Active Pressure Sensor System
• Easy Replaceable Sensor Module Due to PRISM™ (Sensor Included)
• About The Size And Look Of An Apple iphone™
One Year Warranty Through AlcoTester.com!

Stat Sheet:

Fuel Cell Sensor
State-of-the-Art Electrochemical Fuel Cell with PRISM Technology-Long-life Fuel Cell Sensor up to 1,000 tests. The Same As the Police use, except this sensor can be changed in seconds!
Please Note: PRISM Technology, Advanced Patented fuel-cell alcohol sensor designed for maximum accuracy and dependability much more accurate than ever before (BEWARE: This sensor is completely different than other low priced fuel cell models on other websites).
"Law Enforcement grade" - The AlcoMate Revo TS200 is D.O.T, NHTSA, FDA 510(K), ISO 9000 and CE Approved for maximum accuracy.
Accuracy Accuracy = ±0.005% at 0.100% BAC- The same accuracy as the police models that cost $900.
Range 0.000% to 0.400% BAC (5 times the limit of 0.080 BAC) not 0.040% BAC.
Blow time
5.5 seconds- D.O.T. and NHTSA Approved (Exceeds D.O.T. and NHTSA standards).
BREATHCHECK ERROR Technology you will never have to GUESS if enough air has been blown into the unit, the unit will warn you with an audible and digital warning.
Pressure sensor system which lets you know if the subject has not blown long enough into the unit.
4 digit LCD display(0.000), Includes number of tests counter.
Audible Function
3-step beep warning of alcohol detection with LCD lighted display for day or night time use.
Warm up time 10 seconds
5 FREE individually-wrapped mouthpieces included.
Size 4.0 x 2.0 x 0.6 inches
(about the size of a cell phone)
Power Supply 2 "AAA" batteries included
Weight 3.2 oz
Battery life 1000 tests
One year warranty through AlcoTester.com!

Availability: IN STOCK FOR IMMEDIATE FREE SHIPPING! freeshippinglogo.png

We ship all over the world! You can place orders 24 hours a day 7 days a week at 1-800-919-0154!

AlcoMate Revo Model TS200 Fuel-Cell Breathalyzer With Deluxe Hard-Shell Carrying Case:

AlcoMate TS200 Fuel Cell Breathalyzer with Deluxe Case

  • AlcoMate Revo TS200 Breathalyzer- PRISM Fuel Cell Breathalyzer (Same as the police use)
  • FREE Deluxe Hard-Shell Carrying Case (Shown Above)
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Handstrap
  • Users Manual
  • FREE Installed PRISM Sensor
  • FREE BATTERIES included
  • FREE One Year Warranty Through AlcoTester.com!
  • FREE 24/7/365/Service By Phone, No other breathalyzer company provides this service!
  • Designed And Assembled In The United States!


Please Note:

FREE DELUXE HARD-SHELL CARRYING CASE included with the Revo purchase ($39.99 Value). This case will hold everything included with the unit including extra sensor and mouthpieces, please see picture above.
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This unit is Tested and certified by all of the following organizations:

US Department of Transportation US Food and Drug Administration National Highway Traffic Safety Administration United States Coast Guard






Warranty Information

One-year warranty through AlcoTester.com!

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Product Reviews

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  1. A must have for today's world

    Posted by Rick on 16th Nov 2016

    Works great, a real plus to have to double check your levels after going out. Many people don't understand how out of control strict DUI laws are becoming....they are getting totally out of control in many states now....we are becoming like a police state and its quite scary in places where you don't even have to be .08 to get a DUI...it can be left to the discretion of the officer and also many states are starting to enact .05 YES .05

    The great thing about this device is that you can learn through the use how levels quickly change, and go down dramatically as time passes. That way you can understand your personal tolerance and metabolic rates, so that you can be sure that when you leave, you are well below .08 after a nice evening out. Getting to be a necessity to combat the zealots who don't know when to stop and have a little balance in life, and when you start talking .05 you are definitely in the area of ridiculousness.

    Don't know what others are talking about as being bulky, it fits nicely into the carry case and is quite compact. It fits very nicely into the corner of your glove compartment. Startup time is reasonable, results accurate. Like many have said don't use it right after alcohol consumption. Have some water wait a few minutes then use it.

  2. Product passes expectations in what I need it to do!

    Posted by John on 1st Nov 2016

    Product is sleek in design and has a small form factor. The devices measured with the up most accuracy and it does not give false readings. Make sure that you place is in a place where it wont get damaged or else little by little it could damaged and not give good readings.

  3. Alcomate REVO

    Posted by Chelsey W. on 1st Nov 2016

    The Alcomate REVO is great. Good purchase. It is portable and very light. Easy to use and reliable

  4. Very easy to use!

    Posted by Margaret on 1st Nov 2016

    This is such a useful product! It is very accurate and easy to use. Best product on the market.

  5. Revo

    Posted by Julian R. on 1st Nov 2016

    Work exactly as described...Nice design & size...

  6. Revo FAST

    Posted by Kla on 1st Nov 2016

    I love the fact that it gives me quick results within a couple of minutes. So far it does what it's suppose to do. GREAT JOB

  7. Way to go!

    Posted by Jv on 1st Nov 2016

    If it works for the US Navy, it works for me.

  8. Worth The Investment - Get It and Use It For Yourself and Family

    Posted by Greg Schalk on 1st Nov 2016

    Breathylizers have sensors that need to be changed out from time to time, about once a year. This one has a convenient L shaped one resembling a battery pack that is easy to pop out and change it. It's a quirky thing to write about but it really matters when you have it in front of you. That alone makes this unit great. In terms of its accuracy, I have used it several times and found the BAC to be accurate considering how long it was after I had a drink. The BAC is more accurate than cheaper ones you can find on the market. The design of this one is a little thinner and sleek, and it has the PRISM technology, as it is their newest one. It is DOT approved and used by the US Navy too I learned, pretty cool. Definitely worth the price if you want a real breathylizer that is reliable, accurate, can be used over the long term, and ensure you and your loved ones' safety. I believe anyone would be able to figure out how to use it and maintain it. I got it after the first or second try myself. I would recommend this to anyone!

  9. Alcomate ts200

    Posted by Charmain on 1st Nov 2016

    It was a really easy use. I like how chic it looks and simple it is to handle.

  10. Wonderful Product!

    Posted by Erzen k on 1st Nov 2016

    This product will help you stay safe when your out drinking!!

Showing reviews 1-10 of 122 | Next

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