Breathalyzer Tester

Each year, thousands of Americans die in their cars. There are many causes for these deaths, ranging from sleep deprivation to road rage, blind intersections to faulty vehicle parts. However, a huge portion of these deaths are caused by alcohol and by people choosing to drive when they are under the influence.

On a state-by-state basis, 31-50 percent of traffic deaths are alcohol related. That means that roughly one-third to one-half of people who die in car accidents died because either they (or another driver) were driving under the influence. What makes this figure even more tragic is that drunk driving deaths are preventable with good judgment and caution.

When you see someone who has been drinking, you usually have to rely on your senses to determine whether they are intoxicated. Slurred speech, uncoordinated movements, and alcohol-laced breath are often the surest hallmarks of intoxication, but these clues require context--and can easily be masked. Thankfully, nothing can fool a breathalyzer.

Having a personal breathalyzer machine from is a great way to do your part to prevent some of these sad accidents. You can use it to gauge your own level of intoxication so that you can call for a ride if you are unfit to drive home. What's more, you can use it to keep your friends and family safe by making sure that they are sober enough to drive.

A breathalyzer is a sound investment--not just in your own safety, but in that of your loved ones and even strangers. With so many fatalities recorded each year, it's time that everyone starts doing their part to cut down on drunk driving. A breathalyzer reports without a doubt how intoxicated someone may be  visit today for more info.