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"No Calibration" Breathalyzers: These Are The Only Breathalyzers With "No Calibration"

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Police Grade Breathalyzers & Breathalyzers With Printers.

AlcoHAWK PT500P With Wireless Printer

$599.99 $699.99
61 reviews

AlcoHAWK PT750 With Wireless Printer

$799.99 $1,099.99
1 review

AlcoMate AccuCell (AL-9000) W/ USB PC Kit

$349.99 $449.99
61 reviews

AlcoMate AccuCell (AL-9000) Pro Kit

$279.99 $349.99
72 reviews

AlcoMate Premium (AL-7000) Pro Kit- NO Calibration!

$179.99 $249.99
141 reviews

AlcoScan AL-3100 With Printer

$1,099.99 $2,099.99
1 review

Sensor Module- AL-3100- AL-3500

$34.99 $59.99

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Lower Priced Breathalyzers & Breathalyzer Accessories.

AL-2500 Elite Basic Kit

$79.99 $119.99
45 reviews

AL-2500 Elite Full Pack

$89.99 $129.99
45 reviews

AlcoScan AL-2500 Black

$49.99 $79.99
2 reviews

Mouthpieces for AlcoMate products only!

$14.99 $19.99
17 reviews

AlcoHAWK Mouthpieces for PT500 / PT500P only.

$16.99 $21.99
3 reviews

AlcoMate Revo Model TS200 Fuel Cell Sensor Module

$89.99 $139.99
10 reviews

Sensor Module- AL-3100- AL-3500

$34.99 $59.99

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Testimonial by a DUI counselor for over 30 years

"This is truly one of the most effective ways to prevent getting arrested or rearrested. I've worked as a DUI counselor for over 30 years and I see TOO MANY social drinkers who just went out to dinner and shared a bottle of wine.

If they only had one of these breathalyzers and used it, they would not have been arrested, lost their licenses, and paid over $10,000-$15,000 in court fees and increased insurance costs. This is not to mention the embarrassment of having a ten-year record with the DMV and a lifetime record with the Criminal Justice System."

Ed Reither, Counselor, DPI DUI Program San Francisco.

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The United States Military Use Our Products ONLY!

In 2012, the United States Military implemented a personnel-wide alcohol testing policy for our troops. The Military thought that there was a problem with alcohol abuse so they started testing breathalyzer devices from all major industry leaders from $975 models to $75 models.

After rigorous testing and evaluation, AlcoMate was selected the Single-Brand Source for this multi-year contract for the military. The models are the AlcoMate Premium AL-7000 and the AlcoMate Revo TS200. 

Since our products have been chosen by the US Military over all of the other popular brands on the market. This is a major endorsement that we do not take lightly.