The Differences between AlcoMate Premium And AlcoMate Prestige. 


AlcoMate® Premium (AL-7000) 

AlcoMate® Prestige (AL-6000)

4-Digit Display (0.000) Clear LCD

3-Digit Display (0.00) LED

2nd Generation Sensor Modules (Re-inforced Assembly for Increased Durability)

1st Generation Sensor Modules (Original Patent-Pending Technology)



Sensor Replacement takes just a few seconds like changing a battery due to the Easy Access Panel

Sensor Replacement takes up to a few minutes due to manual disassembly, and it could damage the internal circuit board

Internal Mouthpiece Storage Slot (2)


Stainless Silver

Silver Or Red Painted

About the size of a IPhone 4S

About twice as thick and about 1 inch longer and wider