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Testimonial by a DUI counselor for over 20 years: 

 "This is truly one of the most effective ways to prevent getting arrested or rearrested. I've worked as a DUI counselor for over 20 years and I see TOO MANY social drinkers who just went out to dinner and shared a bottle of wine.

If they only had one of these breathalyzers and used it, they would not have been arrested, lost their licenses, and paid over $10,000 in court fees and increased insurance costs. This is not to mention the embarrassment of having a ten-year record with the DMV and a lifetime record with the Criminal Justice System."

Ed Reither, Counselor, DPI DUI Program San Francisco.


Why buy a personal breathalyzer?

"Use your Breathalyzer as a safety device to test your kid's, for personal safety and entertainment or as a professional tool. The next time you are out to dinner, at a party or at a club, you can take the guessing and worrying out of driving and "TEST YOURSELF BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE " using the same breathalyzers that the police use"

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  • Prevent forfeiture of your automobile, your license and your freedom!
  • Parent's test your kids to know if they have been drinking!
  • Business owners test your employees!


There is no debate! Personal breathalyzers save lives! In seconds you will know if you had too much to drink and you can make the conscious decision NOT to drive! 

Being arrested for a DUI can cost $6,000 to $10,000, don't risk it. Be safe and smart - protect yourself! Don't get caught without one! "TEST YOURSELF BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!" with a breathalyzer from! 

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