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A new affordable pocket breathalyzer that can be used with or without a mouthpiece. With a semiconductor-oxide sensor this model provides your exact BAC not just a range on a digital display. This unit provides a BAC reading from 0.00 to 0.40 % BAC (5 times the limit of 0.08 BAC).

Product Description:

This new upgraded model allows you to use a mouthpiece for more accurate alcohol testing, just blow into the mouthpiece and your BAC is displayed in seconds.

The regular AL-2500 does not allow you to use a mouthpiece which makes this unit much more accurate.

Main Features:

  • Consumer Grade! (calibration every 200 - 300 tests or every 6 months- 1 year). All units are pre-calibrated for immediate use!
  • Gives exact BAC not just a range, at a very affordable price
  • Pressure sensor system, Flow-Meter Sensor
  • Self- Diagnostic System
  • Small Deluxe Nylon Carrying Pouch
  • Very compact, easy to use
  • Clear LCD screen- Automatic Backlight for night- time use
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.01%, meets DOT requirements, FDA Approved.
  • CE certified
  • Use With Or Without Mouthpiece!
  • Mouthpiece Included
  • 2 (AA) Batteries 
  • Audible Alerts
  • 1 Year warranty through

Full Kit Includes:

  • AL-2500 Elite Breathalyzer
  • Small Deluxe Nylon Carrying Pouch (Shown On The Left)
  • 3 Mouthpieces - Order more here
  • Users Manual
  • FREE One year warranty through!
  • FREE Live Service By Phone, No other breathalyzer company provides this service!
  • Designed And Assembled In The United States!

Deluxe carrying pouch (pictured on the left) will fit in a pocket or purse is included with FULL KIT purchase ($19.99 Value). This Pouch will hold everything included with the unit including mouthpieces.

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This unit is Tested and certified by all of the following organizations:
US Department of Transportation US Food and Drug Administration National Highway Traffic Safety Administration United States Coast Guard