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Product Summary:

The New AlcoMate Revo TS200 The Worlds First And Only Police Grade Fuel Cell Breathalyzer That Never Needs A Calibration Service. Beware Of All Brands On The Market Including All Bactrack Models That Need A Calibration Service!  

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Additional Details:

The Advantage Of The AlcoMate TS200 Fuel-Cell Breathalyzer Patented Replaceable Sensor Technology.

What Is PRISM Technology?

PRISM technology is an exclusively patented feature only available with AlcoMate breath alcohol testers (US Patent No. 7,841,224 B2, also worldwide).  

Prism Technology
Prism Fuel Cell

Prism Proprietary Advanced Fuel-Cell Sensor Technology- This Is In All Of Our Fuel-Cell Models. The Image Below Shows How The Fuel-Cell Sensor Works and Why It Is So Accurate. All Of Your Breath Is Pumped Into The Sensor.

You can get up to 1,000 tests before you need to replace this Police Grade Fuel Cell PRISM Sensor yourself verses having to re-calibrate other brands every 100-200 tests and waiting 6-8 weeks for it to return. 

The Fuel Cell Prism Sensor is exclusive to the AlcoMate Revo and is the latest in cutting edge proprietary technology. BEWARE of all other brands that don't explain or expose the calibration process that is required of all breathalyzers on the market. 

AlcoMate is the only exception, since we have the only Patented Breathalyzers on the market that have replaceable sensor modules. State-Of-The-Art Fuel-Cell Precision offers the most reliable, easy to use, convenient and accurate police grade breathalyzer available on the market worldwide. 

Whether you are a parent that wants the accuracy to test your kids with no false positives so you don't accuse them of drinking. Or you are Law Enforcement, Drug and Alcohol Clinics, Military, Business Owners or Schools that need the accuracy and ease of use with no downtime to test subjects or yourself the AlcoMate TS200 is the perfect breathalyzer for you.

Proprietary Features of the AlcoMate™ Revo TS200 Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

  • "Law Enforcement Grade " Extremely Accurate- NO calibration needed, all sensors are pre-calibrated for immediate use. Just replace the sensor every 1000 tests or up to 12 months.
  • Includes A Sensor Replacement Indicator.
  • PRISM Technology- You Can Change Sensor In Seconds just like changing a battery Verses Waiting Several Weeks For a Calibration Service
  • Tested And Certified By DOT, CE, ROHS, ISO 9000, NHTSA, Also FDA  Certified And US COAST GUARD APPROVED For Maximum Accuracy
  • Large 4 Digit Backlit LCD Display Verses 3 Digit, This allows the unit to pick up trace amounts of alcohol as low as 0.001% BAC
  • Easy One Button Operation- Ready In Seconds. Self- Diagnostic System, Flow-Meter Sensor
  • Internal Automatic Breath Pump- BREATHCHECK ERROR Technology- Active Pressure Sensor System
  • Easy Replaceable Sensor Module Due to PRISM™ (Sensor Included)
  • About The Size And Look Of An Apple iphone™
  • One Year Warranty Through!

Technical Specifications:

AlcoMate TS200 Fuel Cell Breathalyzer with Deluxe Case
  • Fuel Cell Sensor: State-of-the-Art Electrochemical Fuel Cell with PRISM Technology-Long-life Fuel Cell Sensor up to 1,000 tests.
  • Accuracy:  ±0.005% at 0.100% BAC- The same accuracy as the police models that cost $900.
  • Range: 0.000% to 0.400% BAC (5 times the limit of 0.080 BAC) not 0.040% BAC.
  • Blow time: 5.5 seconds- D.O.T. and NHTSA Approved (Exceeds D.O.T. and NHTSA standards).
  • BREATHCHECK ERROR Technology: You will never have to GUESS if enough air has been blown into the unit, the unit will warn you with an audible and digital warning.
  • Pressure sensor system: Which lets you know if the subject has not blown long enough into the unit.
  • Display: 4 digit LCD display (0.000), Includes number of tests counter.
  • Audible Function: 3-step beep warning of alcohol detection with LCD lighted display for day or night time use.
  • Warm up time: 10 seconds
  • Size: 4 x 2 x 0.6 inches (about the size of a cell phone)
  • Weight: 3.2 oz
  • Power Supply: 2 "AAA" batteries included
  • Battery Life: 1000 tests
  • Warranty: One year warranty through!

AlcoMate Revo PRO KIT Fuel-Cell Breathalyzer With Deluxe Hard-Shell Carrying Case Includes:

AlcoMate TS200 Fuel Cell Breathalyzer with Deluxe Case
  • AlcoMate Revo TS200 Breathalyzer (Same type sensor as the police use)
  • FREE Deluxe Hard-Shell Carrying Case (Shown Above)
  • FREE Carrying Pouch
  • Hand Strap
  • Users Manual
  • FREE Installed PRISM Sensor
  • FREE BATTERIES included
  • FREE One Year Warranty Through
  • FREE 24/7/365/Service By Phone, No other breathalyzer company provides this service!
  • Designed And Assembled In The United States!   

Please Note:

FREE DELUXE HARD-SHELL CARRYING CASE included with the Revo purchase ($39.99 Value). This case will hold everything included with the unit including extra sensor and mouthpieces, please see picture above. 

How to use the AlcoMate Revo Model TS-200 breathalyzer.


Watch this video to see how easy it is to replace the patented sensor module for the AcoMate Revo model TS-200. 


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This unit is Tested and certified by all of the following organizations:
US Department of Transportation US Food and Drug Administration National Highway Traffic Safety Administration United States Coast Guard

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Mary N.
United States

AlcoMate Revo and kids

Testing the kids....They are not as happy with this as I am:) Love this tool to see if my suspicion of them sneaking around and smelling like beer was correct thanks to this great tool. Now that they know its here no more smelling beer and always 0.000. Thanks sooooo much for providing this awesome tool, its worth every penny and more.

Robert D.
United States

AlcoMate Revo

Great product, company and website. Love this product to check my sneaky teenagers. With this in the house no more "guessing" if they have been drinking now I know and exactly how much they have had!

Benito Z


Solid. Easy to use, no calibration, ready to use out of the box

United States

This is the same sensor technology that the police use, except theirs are about $850........

This is the same technology as the police use and they have to calibrate theirs, LOL, suckers.......I dont normally write reviews unless I am mad about the product (I know its wrong), but I am a truck driver and I dont have much extra time. So this is an exception, I have to let everyone to know about this product since its PRICELESS! This has saved my *** and life a few times. Dont buy a $100 or please not a $20- $50, or any cheap ****** phone app these are not real breathalyzers. They are for college kids to see how ***** they can get. THESE CHEAP PHONE APPS ARE JUST WAITING TO PUT YOU IN JAIL. I know I bought a $100 bactrack phone app mobile Pro and I bought the best $130 s80 pro bactrack (top of their line) so I thought I was golden, no worries, boy was I wrong, what a waste of time and money. Never again! The ones you see on ebay and amazon for under $130 can not be reclaibrated (read the reviews on the best selling bactrack, they can not calibrate them, the reviews are all over the internet, maybe not their site I dont know) they last about 3-9 months and then they die and they want you to purchase a new one, stay away, they are not worth a $10,000 DUI!!! And all that comes along with one, losing your job, your car insurance is yanked from you, sometimes lose your JOB then put an interlock in your car and pay $50 a month lease for it, you dont even own it, IT REALLY SUCKS!!!! Dont chance it by trying to save a few dollars its not worth it , trust me. Its not only the $10,000 or more but jail time, all the driving classes, alcohol counseling and alcohol anonymous, etc....etc..... They treat you like a alcoholic. Please buy this REVO or the AL-9000, I have had that AL-9000 for 7 years and I have NEVER had a problem with it. I should have never tried the other brand but they are all over the internet to reel you in, my mistake. I LOVE THESE AND WILL NEVER CHANGE.