No Calibration Breathalyzer

The Problem With Every Breathalyzer On The Market, They Need Calibration, With Only One Exception, AlcoMate. AlcoMate is the only brand in the world that you can replace the sensor and requires NO calibration (US Patent No. 7,841,224 B2, also worldwide).  This technology is ONLY available with the AlcoMate RevoAlcoMate Premium and AlcoMate Prestige.

With the exception of the AlcoMate brand 3 models only, every breathalyzer in the world must be periodically re-calibrated by the manufacturer in order to maintain maximum accurate readings including police breathalyzers that cost $600-$900. This is usually done by physically mailing your breathalyzer to a service center, resulting in downtime for up to several weeks (3-4). On top of that, the re-calibration procedure itself is unable to restore correct maximum accuracy like when it is new. 

Futhermore, continually calibrating a breathalyzer over time will make it lose its accuracy and can damage the sensor, leaving your investment useless. This technology is ONLY available with the AlcoMate Revo, AlcoMate Premium and AlcoMate Prestige.

Don't be fooled by the cheaper priced alcohol testers you see advertised under $50 mainly at the BIG BOX websites these can't even be calibrated. This is a huge problem that will not only leave your investment useless and a waste of your money, but even worse land you in jail by using an inaccurate product. 

A D.U.I will cost you over $10,000 this is not the product to try to save a few dollars on! 

Save $100 now and lose $10,000 later and possibly your job, car, driving privileges and your freedom....... Or buy the best product now, before it's too late!

When you replace the sensor it is like a brand new breathalyzer since the sensor runs the entire breathalyzer. In other words, the sensor is the engine that make the breathalyzer work and makes it accurate. This allows for correct readings and giving you the maximum accuracy possible just like a brand new breathalyzer. Changing the sensor is just as easy as changing a battery.

This Revolutionary Technology Is ONLY Available With The Models Below. AlcoMate Revo, AlcoMate Premium and AlcoMate Prestige