Prevent Drunk Driving

If you're worried about drunk driving, a breathalyzer from can help put your worries to bed. Our devices use the same mechanism to determine blood alcohol content (BAC) as the devices that police use. What's more, having a handy and objective gauge to determine your level of intoxication is a wise investment in your own safety.

For one, a DUI on your record is costly, inconvenient, and embarrassing. Multiple offenses will result in having your driver's license revoked--which is sure to impact your work and social lives. A portable breathalyzer from will help you make the call as to whether or not you're fit to drive. Our devices are accurate and reliable, and they will promptly give you a reading of your exact BAC.

When you see someone who has been drinking, you usually have to rely on your senses to determine whether they are intoxicated. Slurred speech, uncoordinated movements, and alcohol-laced breath are often the surest hallmarks of intoxication, but these clues require context--and can easily be masked. Thankfully, nothing can fool a breathalyzer.

Drunk driving isn't just inconvenient--it's dangerous. Nearly a third of all motor vehicle fatalities reported in 2004 involved an intoxicated driver. For your safety and that of others, it's vital to be able to make the right decision regarding your driving abilities. Since alcohol impairs your judgment, you want to have a breathalyzer on hand to let you know for certain whether you can drive or not.

The surest way to prevent drunk driving is to abstain from drinking, but when that's not an option, carry a breathalyzer. Carry it for yourself or carry it for your friends--in the end, a little caution is worth an awful lot. To find out more about our products visit today for more info.