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NOTE: For Quantity Discounts click the "Discount Drop Box". Pre-Calibrated sensor module for AlcoMate Premium (AL-7000) ONLY!

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Sensor life usually between 200-300 tests. Simply change the sensor just like changing a battery. Installs in seconds, just snap out and snap in!


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I bought a bactrack breathalyzer :(...

I bought a bactrack breathalyzer BUT they do not tell you about CALIBRATION! You will quickly find out though as soon as you need your breathalyzer and it stops working. This happened to me and after a little research I found out about this technology and bought the AL-7000 while waiting for my bactrack to get back to me, the answer to my dilemma a sensor module that you change yourself. So I paid for calibration and shipping to the company and waited 4 weeks for it to return, unbelievable. Thank god I bought this al-7000 because we use a breathalyzer all the time and now when I need my breathalyzer calibrated all I do is change the sensor it takes about 5 seconds instead of 4 WEEKS! I love this new technology, I work at a sober house and we use a breathalyzer everyday, this is what you need if you dont want the hassle of calibration (I did some research and found out that all breathalyzers including bactrack need calibration, except the Al-7000) Highly recommended!!!!!


Great idea

This is a great idea, no more sending my breathalyzer in for calibration just replace the sensor.