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Product Description:

The AlcoMate Premium™ and the AlcoMate TS200 Revo are the only breathalyzers in the world that has PRISM TECHNOLOGY™ this proprietary technology is Patented and exclusive to these models only, no other brand on the market has this technology.

The Advantage Of AlcoMate Brand Breathalyzers Patented Replaceable Sensor Technology. 

What Is PRISM Technology?

PRISM™ technology is an exclusively patented feature only available with AlcoMate breath alcohol testers (US Patent No. 7,841,224 B2, also worldwide).

The AlcoMate Premium™ is the the only Semi- Conductor breathalyzer in the world that does not need calibration, you simply change the sensor module. If you are looking for a Fuel-Cell model, The AlcoMate Revo TS200™ is the only Fuel-Cell breathalyzer in the world that you can change the sensor module. 

You can change the sensor as fast and easy as replacing a battery. There is a small panel that opens exposing the sensor and in seconds you can replace your old sensor with a new Pre-Calibrated sensor module. Now your breathalyzer is like new again, there is no need to send this unit in for a calibration service. (see pictures at the bottom of the page).  

Since this proprietary sensor technology is patented there is no other brand of breathalyzer on the market that has this replaceable sensor technology. If you purchase a competitors brand you will have to mail your breathalyzer in for a calibration service and wait 4-6 weeks for it to return verses changing the sensor in a few seconds. 

Sensor life is between 200-300 tests and this unit also includes a sensor replacement indicator. This unit also has a test counter integrated into the memory and now features a 4 DIGIT LCD DISPLAY(0.000) for even more accurate alcohol testing! 

Premium Sensor Panel

Proprietary Features of the AlcoMate Premium™

  • "Law Enforcement Grade " Extremely Accurate- NO calibration needed, just replace the sensor every 200-300 tests or 9-12 months. Includes Sensor replacement indicator, all sensors are pre-calibrated for immediate use.
  • You Can Change Sensor In Seconds just like changing a battery Verses Waiting Several Weeks For a Calibration Service
  • DOT and NHTSA Approved!- FDA Compliant- US COAST GUARD APPROVED!
  • Large 4 Digit LCD Display Verses 3 Digit.
  • Self- Diagnostic System.
  • One Way- Air Flow Mouthpieces.
  • Active Pressure Sensor System
  • Internal Mouthpiece Storage (Holds Extra Mouthpieces In The Breathalyzer Itself For Easy Access).
  • Easy Replaceable Sensor Module Due to Sensor Panel Door (PRISM™ Sensor Included)
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Finish, About The Size And Look Of An Apple iphone™
  • One Year Warranty Through!


  • AlcoMate Premium Breathalyzer
  • Hand Strap
  • Users Manual
  • FREE Installed PRISM Sensor
  • FREE BATTERIES included
  • FREE SHIPPING TO USA/Canada Available
  • FREE One Year Warranty Through
  • FREE Live Service By Phone
  • Designed And Assembled In The United States!

Technical Specifications:

  • Sensor Type: Semi-Conductor Alcohol Sensor
  • Accuracy:  ±0.005% at 0.100% BAC
  • Range: 0.000% to 0.400% BAC (5 times the limit of 0.080 BAC) not 0.040% BAC.
  • Blow time: 5.5 seconds- D.O.T. and NHTSA Approved (Exceeds D.O.T. and NHTSA standards).
  • BREATHCHECK ERROR Technology: You will never have to GUESS if enough air has been blown into the unit, the unit will warn you with an audible and digital warning.
  • Pressure sensor system: Which lets you know if the subject has not blown long enough into the unit.
  • Display: 4 digit LCD display (0.000)
  • Test Counter: Includes number of tests indicator.
  • Audible Function: 3-step beep warning of alcohol detection with LCD lighted display for day or night time use.
  • Warm up time: 20 seconds
  • Size: 4 x 2 x 0.75 inches (about the size of a I Phone 4S cell phone)
  • Weight: 1.8 oz
  • Power Supply: 2 "AA" batteries 
  • Battery Life: 300 tests
  • Warranty: One year warranty through!

How to use the AlcoMate Premium AL-7000

Please watch this video to see how easy it is to replace the patented sensor module for the AcoMate Premium AL-7000.


Sensor replacement instructions:

This unit is Tested and certified by all of the following organizations:
US Department of Transportation US Food and Drug Administration National Highway Traffic Safety Administration United States Coast Guard