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Quantity Discounts click the "Discount Drop Box". AlcoMate Prestige (AL-6000) Sensor Module.

Product Description:


Pre-Calibrated sensor module for AlcoMate Prestige (AL-6000) ONLY!

PLEASE NOTE: This price includes Free Shipping for more than 1 and a new breath tube, black part shown (other websites advertise cheaper prices only to find out once you have given them all your information they charge you $15 for shipping). 

Pre-Calibrated sensor module for the AlcoMate Prestige (AL-6000) ONLY! Sensor life usually between 200-300 tests. Simply change the sensor just like changing a battery, this also includes a new breath tube! Installs in seconds, just snap out and snap in.


Please watch the video to see how to change the AlcoMate Prestige AL-6000 sensor module.