Home Breathalyzer For Parents

If you need to make sure that someone in your household is not drinking, you may feel like you are in a very stressful situation. Whether it's a rebellious teenager who is trying to drink while underage or a spouse or parent who needs to stay sober for medical reasons, it's hard to police other people's drinking habits. You don't want to have to compromise your trust in your loved ones, but you also know that you can't let them potentially deceive you.

The answer to your dilemma is a home breathalyzer from AlcoTester.com. This simple tool gives a quick and accurate reading of how much (if any) alcohol is in a person's bloodstream. With this simple device, you can be sure that there won't be any debate over whether someone has been drinking or not. Instead of getting in the same "did not"/"did so" debates, bring out the breathalyzer for an answer, and then take action.

When you see someone who has been drinking, you usually have to rely on your senses to determine whether they are intoxicated. Slurred speech, uncoordinated movements, and alcohol-laced breath are often the surest hallmarks of intoxication, but these clues require context--and can easily be masked. Thankfully, nothing can fool a breathalyzer.

The breathalyzer will give you the evidence you need to make the right decisions--so you don't agonize over second-guessing yourself. What's more, the presence of the breathalyzer will be a strong deterrent to drinking. There's no way to talk one's way out of a breathalyzer test, because it clearly demonstrates how much alcohol is in the body.

We know checking others' alcohol consumption is a difficult situation to be in, but rest assured that our devices can help make your job easier. Even the most secretive drinker can't fool a breathalyzer, and studies have shown that there are no practical ways to fool a breathalyzer. All of our units come with free shipping visit www.AlcoTester.com today.