Pocket Breathalyzer

When you see someone who has been drinking, you usually have to rely on your senses to determine whether they are intoxicated. Slurred speech, uncoordinated movements, and alcohol-laced breath are often the surest hallmarks of intoxication, but these clues require context--and can easily be masked. Thankfully, nothing can fool a breathalyzer.

If you frequently go out to drink, whether to socialize with friends or to meet with colleagues, a pocket breathalyzer from AlcoTester.com is a valuable investment. You can quickly and easily tell whether your BAC (blood alcohol content) is over the legal limit and make your judgments based on that rather than drunken reasoning. Alcohol affects everybody differently, so be sure to check before you drive after even a single drink.

A rule of thumb is that the body can process one beer, one glass of wine, or one shot of hard alcohol in about an hour. If you wait one hour for every drink you have, you will generally sober up. However, this all depends on how strong your drinks are, how well hydrated you are, and many other factors.

What's more, many medications should not be mixed with alcohol. Painkillers, antidepressants, and other common pills react poorly with alcohol and make you even more intoxicated. However, not all of these effects can be measured with your BAC, so be sure to read your labels carefully and exercise caution when drinking on medication.

Being aware of your body and your situation is the key to making good decisions when you're out drinking. A breathalyzer is a valuable tool to help you judge just how intoxicated you may be, but never be afraid to err on the side of caution. To find out more about how to order a pocket breathalyzer with free shipping visit www.AlcoTester.com today.